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Traffic Updates with a Smart phone

The Smart phone has many cool features that are different from other brands of Android phones. Traffic updates on the Smart phone have proven to be better on the Droid device in comparison to other phones. There are many other features on this phone that set it apart from the other Android phones and those in the market for a new Android phone may want to know what makes the Smart phone different from the other Android phones on the market right now.

The Smart phone offers turn by turn navigation combined with Google maps that makes this phone a great GPS navigator. With the Google maps the touch screen phone can be set to display the bus schedule as well as all of the current traffic information. The cell phone accessories allow cell phone users to make the best of the GPS capabilities from the phone. There are other complimentary accessories that make this phone a much more attractive device.

One significant downside for every phone, not just the Smart phone, is that a car would lose its GPS capabilities if it were to be in an area without network coverage. However there is back up GPS software that can be purchased so that drivers aren’t left in an area with any coverage completely stranded. It might not be a problem for those in specific areas with constant coverage; although, whenever it is in mobile coverage though it can calculate the length of a trip down to almost the second.

It keeps up with the internet to keep all of the traffic information up to date. A person can access weather of the destination and looking at traffic photos and traffic data on the go. For those who want to use their phone as a GPS a smart phone may be a good choice. The iPhone even has an app that is made by Tom Tom that is an easy to use GPS navigator.

There are always going to be those that do not believe this phone has the best features available. It features a relatively slow internet browser and a limited selection of applications from the Android Marketplace as opposed to the iTunes market. The media player and camera on the phone are not the best in the business especially when being compared to the iPhone’s features. The camera has a slightly higher quality with 5 megapixels than other smart phones but it’s somewhat difficult to focus on the center of the picture. Acquiring a case and a screen protector are the ideal ways to stay fashionable and keep your phone protected.

The Smart phone is a great phone that may be good for some people but not for others. The GPS system is pretty good and there are other parts of the phone that some people may not be as fond of. Those who want a better media player or a better camera may be interested in another phone, though. Keep your smart phones protected with HTC Evo 4G accessories and Apple iPhone 4 accessories. If a smart phone is well equipped with accessories you can get the most out of it.

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